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Solar Tech Inc. is a top source for solar energy equipment

Solar energy is a great option for any property in Hollywood, MD or West Terre Haute, IN. The sun is a free source of energy, so you can reduce or eliminate your energy bill. Solar energy systems have a lifespan of between 20 and 25 years, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your unit for decades.

Make the switch to solar power with a solar energy system from Solar Tech Inc. Our systems use the latest technology to convert the sun’s rays into energy for your property. Talk to us today to find out which system would work best at your home.

Let us install your solar panels

Let us install your solar panels

Our professionals will determine the best placement for your solar panels based on your property and personal preferences. We offer:

  • Roof mounts: We can install these mounts quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Ground mounts: If there’s no space on your roof or if it’s not oriented properly to get the most sunlight, we can set up your mounts on the ground instead.
  • Pole mounts: You can use these as supplements or replacements for your roof mount system. They take up as little as three feet of ground space.

Contact us now to start going over your options.